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I worked for Siemens from April 1997 until January 2000. This is a great company, with many talented and dedicated employees. I will always have fond memories of my time at Siemens.

Product Manager: Voice over IP, and Open Source Applications.

In early 1999 I accepted a delegation package to Munich, Germany (Siemens' world headquarters). I moved with my family to Munich, and we had a glorious experience living there. Munich is a magnificent city, and we traveled widely around Europe during 1999.

My role was as a program manager for Open Source and VoIP technologies. I gathered global customer and market requirements. Then prepared requirement documents for new products and services. I worked with development groups to deliver final solution.

Senior Customer Service Engineer, Data Services.

I joined the then Siemens ICN (Information and Communication Networks) in Boca Raton, Florida on April 1997. I developed, tested, supported and deployed IP (Internet Protocol) and VoIP (Voice over IP) telecommunication solutions for large telecom carriers. Siemens provided me with plenty of training opportunities that gave me a Very strong knowledge of both wireline and wireless telecommunication technologies. I received extensive training in Internet and telecommunications technologies: routers; firewalls; TCP/IP; GNU/Linux; SQL Server; and network design and optimization.

I had two great supervisors while at Siemens in Boca:

  • Jacques Glenat
  • Peter Lyhne

Project Information

These are some of the projects I worked on (or initiated) while at Siemens.

NOTE: These files are over 08 years old by now. Therefore, the information contained in the files should be of no confidential nature any more, it it ever was.

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