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About Jose

Thank you for visiting my site. Although lacking in artistic flair, this site is designed to store and organize my thoughts, ideas, and career accomplishments.

First of all, I consider myself an Intellectual Entrepreneur as defined by Prof. Cherwitz. Intellectual Entrepreneurship “..is premised on the belief that intellect is not limited to the academy and entrepreneurship is not restricted to or synonymous with business. Entrepreneurship is a process of cultural innovation. While the creation of material wealth is one expression of entrepreneurship, at a more profound level entrepreneurship is an attitude for engaging the world. Intellectual entrepreneurs, both inside and outside universities, take risks and seize opportunities, discover and create knowledge, innovate, collaborate and solve problems in any number of social realms: corporate, non-profit, government, and education.”

Secondly, I enjoy being an Intrapreneur: “a person within a large corporation who takes direct responsibility for turning an idea into a profitable finished product through assertive risk-taking and innovation.” Intrapreneurship “is the practice of entrepreneurial skills and approaches by or within a company. Employees, perhaps engaged in a special project within a larger firm are supposed to behave as entrepreneurs, even though they have the resources and capabilities of the larger firm to draw upon. Capturing a little of the dynamic nature of entrepreneurial management (trying things until successful, learning from failures, attempting to conserve resources, etc.) is claimed to be quite valuable in otherwise static organizations.”

You can download Jose's current resume (43K PDF icon) if interested. There is also an Addendum to Jose's current resume (1.9M PDF icon) available

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