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Free Search of Medicare’s National Provider Identifier Numbers.

Free Search of Medicare’s National Provider Identifier Numbers

Search Engine Startup Makes CMS NPI Data Accessible to Consumers, Healthcare Professionals

Miami, Florida. May 18, 2009. HealthLibrarian (www.HealthLibrarian.net) announces the immediate availability, at no cost, of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid’s (“CMS”) National Provider Identifier (“NPI”) database through our website. Visitors can search the CMS NPI database through an easy-to-use web interface by entering the state, county, city, name, or specialty of the healthcare provider of interest.

The NPI is a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”) Administrative Simplification Standard. The NPI is a unique identification number for covered health care providers. Covered health care providers and all health plans and health care clearinghouses will use the NPIs in the administrative and financial  transactions adopted under HIPAA. All health care providers who bill CMS for services need to have an NPI.

HealthLibrarian enriched the NPI database to allow users to search by “specialty”field, indexed using the Healthcare Provider Taxonomy Codes. This code set divides health care providers into hierarchical groupings by type, classification, and specialization, and assigns a code to each grouping. The Taxonomy consists of two parts: individuals (e.g., physicians) and non-individuals (e.g., ambulatory health care facilities). Visitors to HealthLibrarian can find Medicare providers in their local community by specialty, from “Acupuncturist”, “Acute Care”, “Addiction (Substance Use Disorder)”to “Women’s Health Care, Ambulatory”, and “Wound Care”.

“This data comes right out of Medicare,” said Jose C. Lacal, Chief Vision Officer of HealthLibrarian. “OpenPHI has physically downloaded the NPI data files and loaded them into our Data Warehouse. We indexed all the information against our Controlled Medical Vocabulary, and developed a user-friendly interface to search the NPI file. And we added cross-references to other government data sources to enhance the value of the NPI database.”

OpenPHI also licenses customized contact lists (mailing address, telephone / fax numbers) of Medicare providers. Contact us to create a customized NPI mailing list based on your specific needs, by geography, or by specialty.

Source of Information
The NPI database is maintained by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The raw data (03 Gb) is available at http://nppesdata.cms.hhs.gov/cms_NPI_files.html

Controlled Medical Vocabulary (“CMV”)
HealthLibrarian uses “semantic matching” to show user a list of medically-related terms. Searching for “heart” will also include “cardiac.” Our CMV has over 07 Million entries.

Available for License
We can easily integrate HealthLibrarian with your website or healthcare application.

About Jose C. Lacal
Jose has over 25 years experience working for huge multinationals (07 years at Motorola, 03 at Siemens) and as a serial entrepreneur. He’s passionate about Health Information Technology (“Health IT”); Free / Open Source Software (i.e. GNU/Linux, Apache); and data-mining the “Deep Web” of health data. Jose is available for interviews as well as speaking engagements, both in English and Spanish.

About HealthLibrarian
HealthLibrarian is an On-demand Data Warehouse of Global Health-related Insight. Our turn-key appliance integrates search, data mining, web crawling and indexing of health data from validated global sources. HealthLibrarian is different from traditional search engines. We do not blindly crawl the web, or present matches based on a site’s popularity. HealthLibrarian intelligently sorts and categorizes health-related information available from validated, governmental and scientific sources. Users can then interactively fine-tune their query to maximize the relevance of the result set. The results presented are highly relevant and specific to the conditions or diseases of interest. These results are grouped by the geographical areas selected by the user.

HealthLibrarian is a service of Open Personalized Health Informatics, Corp. (“OpenPHI”), a self-funded, privately-held bio-informatics startup in sunny Miami, Florida.

While some try to “improve the healthcare system,” we focus on building a care system that improves our health. We call that “Personalized Health.” OpenPHI simplifies the use of the vast amount of health databases, publications, and medical know-how freely available from academic and government sources across the world.

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